Thoughts on ‘Saving it for Another Day’

A short drive and an hour of brambly bushwacking later leads us to what we hope is the top of the route. Name: Liquid Armbar. Type: Offwidth. Gear: Size six cams only.

Why are we here again???


Winter Tidings

Chris reminded me this weekend that I haven’t blogged in a while and, feeling a bit guilty, I decided to write one. It’s not that I’ve forgotten or had nothing to write about. I’ve almost been too busy to write one and so much has happened, I haven’t known where to start. I should probably…

Siurana and the Problems with Expectations

The last few days of our trip were spent fluttering from crag to crag, visiting some of the (far too abundant) amazing areas in Northern Spain we hadn’t yet been to. We spent three days in Terradets (similar to Rodellar), two days in Montsant (similar to Margalef), and finally, our last two days in Siurana…

To Return Home?

The sun sets behind the Catalonian hills as we pack our bags. It is the end of another perfect day of climbing in Northern Spain. We’ve done more great routes, had laughs with friends and almost three months into our trip, psyche is still very high. I feel happy and carefree. Almost. The last couple…