In Memorium

Hello readers and thank you for visiting this page. Our 24 year old daughter Rachel, along with Tim Newton (age 27), were swept away by a huge avalanche at the foot of Ben Nevis on the morning of February 13th 2016.

You may find more info by searching “Rachel Slater” in google.

Family, friends and colleagues have been greatly saddened by this tragedy, and they will be deeply missed. For those who knew them or read this blog, you will understand the love and passion they had for climbing and the outdoor life, the friendships, the adventures, and living life to full.

Please feel free to post your comments and thoughts. Thank you.

Nigel & Rosemary Slater


4 thoughts on “In Memorium

  1. I vividly remember having a conversation with Rach about ‘legacy’ and how we thought we would be remembered. Rach was clear that material possessions were of little importance to her but the pictures of her experiences were what she hoped people would remember her by.

    So finding this page really made my day, thank you for keeping it running 🙂

    All the best,

    Chris (MPG)

    • Hi Chris. I totally agree with your thoughts and look forward to the pictures when you post them.

  2. As the Director of The Mineral Planning Group (now Ltd.,) i want all to know that we think of Rachel always and miss her immensely. She is in her ‘Nirvana’
    I’m sure.

    Martin Millmore
    The Mineral Planning Group Ltd..

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