Red Rocks

I first visited Red Rocks, Nevada when I was only a jelly bean in 1991, and since 1997, my family have been coming back on an almost yearly basis. In my opinion, there are few places a family can visit year after year which truly never get old. Red Rocks is one of those places for the Slaternaters. When the opportunity arose to join my family this Christmas, I could not say no (actually I just begged them to let me come). This post holds a few nostalgic moments of my climbing in Red Rocks over the years.

Red Rocks is a little out-of-the-way to visit from the UK, but if you’re ever in the area, it is well worth a visit. There is a huge diversity of trad and sport routes and it has also become a world class bouldering venue in the last few years.

Christmas 2004

This is the farthest back I could find photos for on my laptop. We must have visited from England for a couple weeks during the Christmas holidays. I especially remember being very jetlagged and not wanting to go to school when we returned home.


Picnic lunch in the sunshine. Photo: Nigel Slater


Unloading the car at the ‘Second Pullout’. Photo: Nigel Slater


Styling my hiking boots on the soft end. Photo: Nigel Slater

 Christmas 2009

The first time visiting my family since going to university in Manchester. I accidentally booked my flight to meet them a day early, thinking the 23rd of December was Christmas Eve.


Redpointing my first 7a (5.11d) during Christmas of my first year at Uni. Photo: Nigel Slater

Christmas 2012

This year Olli and I should have spent Christmas in Thailand but I ended up getting very sick in India so we flew to Canada and went on a fab stateside roadtrip when I was feeling better. Despite not  having climbed in a few months, my illness had caused me to lose some weight and as a result overhanging crimps felt effortless to hold onto!


Exploring the boulders at Kraft Mountain for the first time. Photo: Olli Crudge


Jen smashing The Pearl (V4/5). Still a project for me. Photo: Olli Crudge


Olli on a nice Christmas Day send.


The route which would have been my first 7b (if I’d sent). Photo: Jen Slater

Gimme Back my Bullets 7a+ (5.12a) at Sunny and Steep. Photo: Olli Crudge

Gimme Back my Bullets 7a+ (5.12a) at Sunny and Steep. Photo: Olli Crudge


Jen on a very cool highball V0.

Christmas 2014

On our first day in Red Rocks this year, my mum and I did a trad multipitch in Pine Creek which was great for a rest day after carnage in Joshua Tree!


Beautiful Views in Pine Creek Canyon.


Photo: Rosie Slater


My mum on Pitch 5.

Then on our first day ‘proper climbing’ I onsighted 1 7a, 2 7a+s, and 2 7bs. Hmm, I must be stronger than last time I was here? I suppose spending the entire past year climbing must have helped 🙂


7a+ (5.12a) at The Oasis, Red Rocks. Photo: Jen Slater


7b (5.12b) at the Oasis. Photo: Rosie Slater

On Boxing Day I sent The Glitch, a 7b+/c at The Gallery, the most famous sport climbing wall in Red Rocks. I suppose next year I will have no excuses for not trying The Gift?!

On the crux of The Glitch. Photo: Nigel Slater

On the crux of The Glitch. Photo: Nigel Slater

Tomorrow, we are moving on to the coast, So Cal here we come! Have a great New Year everyone 🙂

**UPDATE** I sent The Pearl. Finally.


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