Giggles from the Past

When I return home to Canada (usually about once or twice a year), I often attempt to clean my room a little which usually results in me finding boxes and boxes of my old diaries. I will sometimes open one, expecting to just have a quick peak, and then end up reading them and giggling for hours.

I was intrigued to find that I thought tufa climbing was ‘well good’ ten years ago and I still love it so I guess nothing’s changed!

Holiday to Mallorca, October 2004

Holiday to Mallorca, October 2004

Sometimes there was drama at the crag…

Holiday to  Côte d'Azur, France, April 2003

Holiday to Côte d’Azur, France, April 2003

Sometimes I just hid…

Days on the grit, August 2003

Apparently I thought I could make my own tonic water as an energy source…

Did I actually make this?!

And sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered to write much…


Dayummm this girl didn't even need climbing shoes...

Dayummm this girl didn’t even need climbing shoes…


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