The Trivial Hardships of Being a Female Climber

I’ve been doing quite a bit of serious writing recently so I wanted to do a more light-hearted blog post since New Year is about having fun! As a bit of a joke, I’ve written a clichéd list of the trivial hardships of climbing as a girl… Don’t take any of it seriously! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

(Beware: Some of the worst photos of me ever taken…)

1. Wearing back packs that are the same size as you.


2. When you fall off and don’t weigh enough for your partner to realise.


3. Gurning faces just aren’t pretty.


4. It’s embarrassing when people make a big deal out of the fact you can second HVS.


5. When you forget to bring a hair tie.


6. Having to wear a painter’s suite to protect your PataGucci clothes.


7. It’s hard to maintain 3 points of contact when you’re weak and short…


8. Dealing with life choices.


9. THAT day, when you forget to wear a sports bra.


10. And finally… where do I find the nearest salon on rest days?!



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